Yu-Gi-oh! Duel Monsters ZEXAL is The Forth Series Following After The End of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DS The Series is Success By Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V it Takes Place in a Near Future After The Events of 5DS the Future Changes. it Centers a Boy Name Yuma Tsukumo One day He meets a Being From Another World Astral Who Has Lost All His Memories That becomes 100 Number Cards And Now Yuma Must Team Up With Him Before A Group Called The Number Hunters Appear and The Evil Doctor Dr. Faker Yuma Must Collect The 100 Number Cards that are dangerous and powerful.


Yuma Tsukumo Number 1 Bad Boy at His School When He is Duels Reginald Kastle a New legend is Begins a Alien From Astral World Appears And Now He Has to Collect 100 Numbers in order to Save his World From The Forces of Darkness The Number Hunters and Dr. Faker Later a New Threat appears The Barians From Barian World And The God Don Thousand And The Seven Barian Emperors Yuma and Astral Must Find The Number Code and Save The Earth and Astral World From Being Destroyed.

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Yuma Tsukumo


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